Protecting Pendle's heritage and greenspaces.

Protecting Pendle’s heritage

Pendle Hill is a huge part of our area’s heritage and was recently awarded a £2 million investment by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The investment includes restoring import wildlife landscape features and researching local stories. This is the most famous feature of Pendle’s landscape, which was closely associated with the infamous Witch Trials of 1612. The project will re-connect people with this remarkable landscape, its rich history, safeguard wildlife and heritage, and improve the public’s access to this popular countryside area. Excitingly, this project will enable skills apprenticeships for 20 young people, graduate trainees and a university student placement helping to drive the increase in apprentices and jobs in our area.

The Brierfield Mills regeneration is also helping to protect our local heritage. The iconic buildings are being brought back into use. Rather than letting the Mills remain derelict and fall apart, Andrew campaigned to bring them back into public ownership and helped to drive the regeneration project forward. We’re now seeing parts of the Mills re-open bringing jobs with it.

Protecting our greenspaces

Pendle’s stretching greenspaces are an important part of its identity. Andrew believes it’s important to protect our greenspaces and ensure that generations to come can enjoy our beautiful part of the world and its heritage. The local Conservatives started a £1.5 million Brownfield Regeneration Fund to encourage local developers to prioritise brownfields and help protect our greenspaces. Despite this, the local Labour and Lib Dem Councillors have neglected to use this important funding and we have seen more and more planning applications to build on our precious Greenfields. Andrew and the Pendle Conservatives remain committed to protecting our Greenfields and ensuring they are here, for our children and our children’s children.