Government launches new accessible shopping day

Andrew Stephenson, MP for Pendle, has welcomed the launch of ‘Purple Tuesday’ – a new Government scheme to encourage retailers to make shopping more accessible for disabled customers.

Some disabled shoppers are deterred by overcrowding and a lack of accessibility in shops, for example due to an absence of wheelchair ramps or lifts. Around 30% of households in Pendle have at least one person with a long-term health problem or disability. 

This year, Purple Tuesday will be on 13 November. A number of high profile retailers have already pledged their support. Sainsbury’s, Argos, Asda and Marks & Spencer are amongst the many major retailers backing Purple Tuesday.

Andrew Stephenson MP said: “It’s essential that we make our high streets as inclusive and accessible as possible. It is great to see this initiative in place, raising attention on an important and often overlooked issue.

“I hope some of Pendle’s excellent shops, both large and small, will get involved with Purple Tuesday to help make shopping in our towns as stress free as possible for everyone.”

Purple Tuesday will take place nationwide on the 13th of November 2018. Further information is available from