National Organ Donor Week 2019

Next week is National Organ Donor Week. I want encourage as many people to talk about Organ Donations with their family and friends. Organ Donation Week is a great opportunity for donor families, transplant patients, the wider NHS and organisations to reinforce the importance of organ donation. This is especially important in places such as Pendle as we see Patients with Black and Asian heritage wait longer for a kidney transplant due to the lack of suitable organ donor.

Next year, the law around organ donation is changing in England and Scotland. From spring 2020 in England and Autumn 2020 in Scotland, all adults will be considered as having agreed to donate their own organs when they die unless they record a decision not to donate or are in one of the excluded groups. This system was introduced in Wales in 2015.

Check out the handy video above which provides more information on how the changes in law will affect you and your family.

If you are unsure about anything don't hesitate to get in touch with me.