Positive response to Pendle MP’s call for ideas on Pacer trains

Andrew has thanked local residents after receiving a positive responses to his call for ideas on how to use old Pacer trains as they start to be phased out.

With the £500 million roll-out of 101 new trains starting this summer, the long-overdue phase-out of Pacers from northern railway lines is coming closer leading to questions about what will happen to them.

The rail industry and Department for Transport has launched a competition calling for ideas, with suggestions the carriages could be repurposed for grassroot community use.

After sharing the competition on his Facebook page, Mr Stephenson received a number of positive suggestions including creating homeless shelters, hosting art exhibitions, pop-up shops and restaurants, or creating children’s classrooms or play areas. One suggestion was to use a Pacer as a covered café and shelter at Colne rail station.

Andrew said, “There’s no love lost on the Pacer’s and I for one can’t wait for the new carriages but I was impressed and even a little surprised at how many good ideas there are on what we can do with them. Some may never want to see them again and have them all sent to scrap but there is a chance to do something that benefits local communities.

I’ve already raised some of the suggestions people have put forward with Transport Ministers and would encourage anyone with a bright idea to put it forward.”

For further information or to get involved in the competition of ideas to repurpose the carriages, email communityrailcompetition@dft.gov.uk.