The Pendle constituency was created in 1983 and has the same boundaries as Pendle Borough Council. About 90,000 people live here in a scattering of towns and villages each with their own distinctive character.

A relatively undiscovered part of the northern hill country, Pendle is a place of contrasts - beautiful countryside, industrial heritage, modern facilities and brooding moors. The Leeds Liverpool Canal snakes through the major towns, once a focal point of the industrial age but now a quiet and often beautiful waterway with footpaths, locks and reservoirs just waiting to be explored.

To the north is the Yorkshire Dales National Park. To the West, the Forest of Bowland, an area of outstanding natural beauty. To the east lies Boulsworth Hill and beyond it, Haworth, famed as the home of the Bronte sisters. To the south lies Burnley, home of the Clarets.

In his maiden speech on 17th June 2010, Andrew said about Pendle:

“Located in the hills of the Pennines in north-east Lancashire, and some would say beyond, Pendle offers some of England's finest countryside, including Pendle hill, from which my seat takes its name, as well as beautiful villages and busy towns.

The area is rich in history, not only with the story of the Pendle witches, which brings many visitors to the area, but with our industrial heritage with the Leeds-Liverpool canal, numerous mills and other incredible feats of engineering. The old industries of cotton and textiles have now all but disappeared, but the industrious spirit of the area remains as strong as ever.”

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