The Leader Times Series May 29th 2020

In addition to replying to lots of emails today I will be spending much of the day on duty volunteering as a Community First Responder with the North West Ambulance Service, something I have done for the past six years. 

The Leader Times Series May 22nd 2020

The announcement of substantial job losses from Rolls Royce is deeply troubling news for many local families. Although we do not yet know the impact this global decision will have on their Barnoldswick sites, this will be an extremely concerning time for workers.

The Leader Times Series May 15th 2020

Having seen the rate of spread of coronavirus slow due to social distancing, the Prime Minister was able to announce on Sunday that we can begin to look to loosen the lockdown.

The Leader Times Series May 8th 2020

This week marks ten years since I was first elected to represent Pendle as our MP. It was, and remains, the greatest privilege to have been elected to serve our area, and subsequently re-elected on three occasions, each with an increased level of support from residents.

The Leader Times Series May 1st 2020

For the first time in weeks, the nation has been able to enjoy some relatively good news and contemplate things beginning to get better rather than worse.

The Leader Times Series April 24th 2020

It was very interesting to see the new arrangements made due to Covid-19 but I didn’t travel back to the House of Commons this week when Parliament resumed.

The Leader Times Series April 17th 2020

Work continues at pace to help those most badly affected by the outbreak of coronavirus. We will all be deeply affected by this, one way or another. However, there are a range of urgent challenges that my team and I are working hard to address, as best we can.

The Leader Times Series April 10th 2020

This week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hospitalised in his own, personal battle against coronavirus. At the time of writing, there were encouraging signs that he is making progress and I think I speak for us all in wishing him a speedy, full recovery. We need his strong leadership.

The Leader Times Series April 3rd 2020

After a period of rapid change, with big announcements every day, things this week have seemed to settle down a bit, as those of us who can stay at home get used to being under a form of lockdown.

The Leader Times Series March 27th 2020

Now that the essential legislation on corona virus measures are passed into law, MPs are off to work from home following the same rules that we've asked everyone else to abide by. We'll come back to Parliament as and when more measures need to be formally scrutinised and voted on.