The Leader Times Series March 27th 2020

Now that the essential legislation on corona virus measures are passed into law, MPs are off to work from home following the same rules that we've asked everyone else to abide by. We'll come back to Parliament as and when more measures need to be formally scrutinised and voted on.

The Leader Times Series March 13th 2020

This week saw Chancellor Rishi Sunak deliver his first Budget, delayed from November due to the election. However, for pub regulars like me it was worth the wait. Duties on beer, wine, cider and spirits were all frozen – the first time all have been frozen together for 20 years.

The Leader Times Series March 6th 2020

Sadly, it seems the UK continues to be affected by coronavirus, as the number of confirmed cases grows and other countries across the world deal with outbreaks.

The Leader Times Series February 28th 2020

Sadly, the horrible, wet weather affecting many parts of the UK continues. Some of the images of flooding along major rivers such as the Severn have been appalling. It’s terrible to think of the impact on the lives of those affected, in some case having to abandon their homes.

The Leader Times Series February 21st

Last week’s reshuffle saw me move on from my role in the Foreign Office, as the Prime Minister asked me to take on a new brief in the Department for Transport.

The Leader Times Series February 14th 2020

For all too many Pendle residents, this week has been spent recovering from the flooding brought by Storm Ciara. Properties in Barrowford and Earby were affected, with several roads impassable, as we weathered the worst storm for many years.

The Leader Times Series February 7th 2020

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the Pendle Beer Festival last weekend at the Colne Muni. It was a great event and wonderful to see so many people there.

The Leader Times Series January 31st 2020

After years of argument today is the day – Brexit day – the historic moment the UK leaves the EU, as the government delivers on our promise to the British people and moves our country forward.