The Leader Times series September 6th 2019

Away from the seemingly endless and unproductive Brexit debates in Parliament this week, my focus has firmly remained on my job – delivering for Pendle.


The Leader Times series August 16th 2019

For Earby residents, watching the events at the damaged Whaley Bridge dam may have brought back difficult memories of the 2015 Boxing Day floods that engulfed Earby, flooding homes and businesses. Anyone who has experienced flooding will know how disruptive it is.


The Leader Times Series August 9th 2019

On Sunday we heard about the death of former Mayor of Pendle Tony Beckett.  Tony was a popular figure across Pendle for both his work as a Councillor and for his work outside his political life.

The Leader Times series August 2nd 2019

When I was first elected in 2010, the main challenge we faced was getting the economy back under control. Following the biggest recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s unemployment was shooting up.

Statement on attempts to block no deal

Last night I voted with the Government to keep no deal on the table. It is unbelievable that MP’s want to tie the Prime Ministers hands in the middle of the negotiations with the EU.

National Organ Donor Week 2019

Next week is National Organ Donor Week. I want encourage as many people to talk about Organ Donations with their family and friends. Organ Donation Week is a great opportunity for donor families, transplant patients, the wider NHS and organisations to reinforce the importance of organ donation.

My comments on Proroguing Parliament

The Prime Minister has asked the Queen to prorogue Parliament, marking the long-overdue end of this session of parliament. It’s an interesting fact that this sitting has been the longest since the “Long Parliament” of the English Civil War.